From The Boards of Others

I’ve scoured the internet and found you all awesome examples of pre-recorded games, games via email, nifty stuff to buy on Etsy, and a few other sites of interest!

Here are some lovely examples of games on audio. Check out these cool games by Paul Benson!
King and Lonely King
King and Pawn
Knight Exercises 1
Lucena Position
Select a session with Paul
End games with Paul

A  site where you can get some chess news is Chess Base,  and Chess Games is where you can check out a collection of games. 

If you like puzzles, check out Chess Tempo!

Looking for another place to buy snazzy boards and pieces? Well, check out Chess Baron!

Here are some awesome shops on Etsy where you can find individual pieces, sets, boards and boards and set combos. Enjoy!

Minimalist Chess Pieces

Hand-crafted Wooden Chess set

Wooden chess set 32 pieces

Customizable chess sets

Handmade Tournament Chess Pieces


Board and Pieces:
Inlaid Chessboard

Hand Carved Chessboard with Pieces